Monitor AWS costs with New Relic


Visualize Billing metrics

There are Billing metrics in CloudWatch, so if you are sending all metrics in us-east-1 with Cloud Metric Streams, you can refer them with a query as follows.

SELECT max(`aws.billing.EstimatedCharges`) - min(`aws.billing.EstimatedCharges`) as daily_usage
FROM Metric
WHERE aws.Namespace = 'AWS/Billing' AND `metricName` = 'aws.billing.EstimatedCharges' AND `aws.billing.ServiceName` IS NOT NULL
    FACET monthOf(`timestamp`), `aws.billing.ServiceName`
TIMESERIES 2 day SLIDE BY 1 day SINCE 4 week ago

The values are accumulated monthly, so daily costs can be shown with taking differences from previous day’s one with Sliding window.

AWS Billing monitoring integration

Billing values are summarized with each service, so to watch them with more detail units such as tags, Budget values have demands, but there are no metrics in CloudWatch, so they don’t be sent with Metric Streams. Attaching budgets:ViewBudget, turning on a Billing check box, and starting polling, Budget data is collected, so you can refer it.

Monitor and optimize costs with AWS Cost Management - sambaiz-net

  latest(100 * `provider.actualAmount` / `provider.limitAmount`) as 'UsageRate',
  latest(100 * `provider.forecastedAmount` / `provider.limitAmount`) as 'ForecastedRate' 
FROM FinanceSample 
WHERE provider='BillingBudget'
FACET `provider.budgetName`